Types of Print

Jeyla Fashions offers several types of print options. They are all high heat pressed, top-quality vinyl prints. We do not use iron-ons or cheap shiny versions of vinyl print as they are not dependable and result in a poor quality print. Our mission is to provide a top-quality print that will last wash after wash and retain its original look without fading or peeling.


Available in over 50 colors, we offer a wide range of options for vinyl prints. Almost all of these styles have a matte finish that will now shine which gives most iron-on prints used by our competitors a cheap look. We do offer colors such as gold and silver which will have more of a sheen to them without the metallic look. Here are various examples of vinyl print on some of our user submitted images.


Our second most popular style is the glitter print. Using a high-quality vinyl that will not flake off or leave a residue when touched, we carry over 30 colors of glitter print in stock. Glitter print offers a great bling look that can easily be customized and can now be done in multicolor as well.

Some examples of glitter print submitted by our customers

Multi-Color Prints

Jeyla Fashions offers high-quality vinyl multicolor prints for logos and even photos. With our industrial vinyl printer, we are able to duplicate all vibrant aspects of images to provide a vinyl print that will not fade over time. Here are some examples submitted by users.


Can’t find what you are looking for? We offer specialy types of print as well for unique designs and needs

  • Reflective Prints – Whether it is for construction or sporting events, reflective prints are available for all our apparel
  • Metallic Print : The foil look with a higher sheen than our regular vinyl. To give that bling look with a metallic twist
  • Rhinestones : Yes! We do that as well. From text to logos as well as custom designs, we can customize any of our apparel with rhinestones or add them to a design as accents

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